Crestron Tutorial: Compile And Uploading Your Crestron Touch Panel Project

Now that you have created a project, made a first page, added a button and set its' digital join; you are now ready to compile your code, upload it to your Crestron touch panel and move onto the controller programming.

Select FILE + COMPILE PROJECT or just press the F12 shortcut key to start the compiler. (see image below)

Crestron VTPro-e compile and upload

The Upload Project window should appear. This window allows you to set the type of panel and the Network ID (Crestnet) to send to. Most problems you will encounter center around entering the wrong Crestnet ID. To determine the Network ID of a panel, simply unplug the power from the panel and power-up the panel while you press firmly any where on the screen. This will bring the panel up into setup mode where you can read the Cresnet ID.

Crestron VTPro-e upload

Click Upload and after a short while, the panel should reboot and your first page should appear. Nothing should happen when you touch the button that you made. We still have to program the controller to recognise when the panel speaks.

You are now ready to move onto programming your control system.

Programming the control code