Crestron Keyboard Shortcut Key Index

Crestron uses some standard Windows operating system shortcut keys as well as many shortcut keys that they have developed on their own. Using shortcut keys will help you program faster and more efficiently.

Crestron SIMPL Windows Shortcut Keys

Close Detail View CTRL + F4
Close SIMPL Windows ALT + F4
Display context-sensitive help F1
Hide/View both Symbol Library and Program View ALT + B
Hide/View Program View ALT + P
Hide/View Symbol Library ALT + Y
Refresh Window F5
Display startup dialog box CTRL + T
Display Zoom Percentage dialog box ALT + Z
Collapse current node CTRL+SHIFT+E
Expand current node CTRL + E
Display next pane F8
Display previous pane SHIFT + F8
Create new program CTRL + N
Create new user macro CTRL + M
Open program or macro CTRL + O
Save program or macro CTRL + S
Print program CTRL + P
pen port setting dialog box ALT + C
Add new signal name ENT, ENT
Add signal suffix from prompt ALT + 6
Add signal suffix set in preferences ALT + 1 thru ALT + 5
Add inputs or outputs (one at a time) ALT + =
Add inputs or outputs in specified number ALT SHIFT + =
Assign sequential names to highlighted signal (based on first signal) SHIFT + F4
Assign sequential names to highlighted signal (based on last signal) F4