Crestron Tutorial: Starting A Crestron Control Program

Okay, now the real fun begins. The purpose of this part of the Crestron programming tutorial is to acquaint you with the SIMPL Windows application and make the controller interact with the button that you have just made in the previous Vision Tools Pro-e tutorial.

Make sure that you have finished the previous Vision Tools Pro-e tutorial before you go any further. When you first open the SIMPL Windows application, you will be prompted with a box with several choices. (see image below) You should click on the "Create a New Program" button.

Crestron SIMPL Windows start a new project

The "What do you want to do?" box should go away and you will be asked if you would like to configure hardware for this program. Click on the YES button.

Crestron SIMPL Windows starting a new project

Your Crestron SIMPL Windows screen should now look like the image below:

Crestron SIMPL Windows starting a new project

You are now ready to configure your hardware for this Crestron SIMPL Windows program.

Configure hardware in a SIMPL Windows project