Crestron Tutorial: Changing Page Properties Of A Crestron Touch Panel

Now that you have a nice clean project open and ready to go, this is the fun part of programming Crestron control systems. Again, I recommend that you do not begin your touch panel design in Vision Tools Pro-e until you have drawn out the screen(s) as you see them. This will save time and money in the design phase.

We will continue the tutorial by changing the background property of the Main screen that you just created.
Note that the window is the correct size and shape of what will appear on the actual touch screen that you sellected when you started the project.

Right click over the white window marked "Main" (or whatever you called it).

The page properties box will appear. In the lower right of this window is a button labelled "Select Background Color". Click this button to reveal a color selector pallet. This palet will contain only the colors that the specified Crestron touch panel can produce.

I selected the color black. Click OK and the Page Properties box will disappear to reveal that the "Main" window has changed to the color that you selected.

There are many other neat things that you can do in the Page Properties Window but unfortunately, they are outside of the scope of this tutorial. Feel free to poke around before you move on to the next topic in the tutorial. Notice how the Page size is fixed? The maximun resolution that you can get from a CT-1550 is 320 by 240 pixels.

Crestron VTPro-e Page Properties You would click here to reveal the background color palete

Adding a button to the page