Crestron Tutorial: Opening Your First Crestron SIMPL Windows Symbol

We are now going to start programming the file that will be uploaded to your Crestron CP2E controller. In programming mode go to the Program View Panel and open the Central Control Modules: CP2E folder. You should now see 7 green sub folders. These sub folders represent the inputs and outputs of the CP2E controller that you installed when you configured the hardware for this project.

First, we will program the signals for the CT-1550 touchpanel. Double click on the folder labelled Slot01: Crestnet :C2Net-Device. A list of all of the Crestnet devices for this project will appear. Since you only have the Crestron CT-1550 touch panel installed, that is all you will see. Notice that the Cresnet ID number is next to the icon. This must be the same as the the number programmed into the touch panel or your CP2E controller will not be able to talk to the CT-1550 touch panel.

Double click on the icon for the Touch panel. The expanded symbol will appear in the Detail View panel. The signal points on the left side of the symbol are feedback inputs. Anytime the signal on one of these points go high or low (on a digital feedback point), the button connected to it (through a digital press join) will appear pressed (high) or not pressed (low). The signal points on the right side of the touch panel symbol are outputs. When the button connected (through a digital press join) is pressed, this point will go high.

Notice how there are three buttons at the top left of the Crestron CT-1550 touchpanel symbol. These are buttons that allow you to switch between different signal types for the touch panel. The blue button switches to digital mode, the red button switches to analog mode and the black button switches to serial mode.

Crestron Simpl Windows Touch Panel Symbol

You want to be in digital mode because we want to create a signal that is connected (in code) to the digital press join number that we programmed into the touch panel program. In my program, I set the digital press join number of my button to the number "one" (1). So, by typing a name into the signal point into position 1 on the right side of the symbol, the state of the button on the touch panel will be captured . I have used the signal "My_First_Button".

Crestron Simpl Windows Touch panel symbol

The simplest way to get feedback for a button is to click on the signal (text) that you just entered into the right side of the symbol and drag it to the feedback point of the same number on the left side of the symbol.

Crestron Simpl Windows Touch Panel Symbol

You have now connected the button from you Vision Tools Pro-e project to itself so when you press it, it will trigger a keyclick sound in the touch panel and change the button's image to the pressed state. This is the absolute most basic of all projects. It is simply a button that changes its' appearance and makes a sound when you press it. Do not be fooled, you need to know this rudementary knowledge in order to build more and more complicated Crestron programs.

Compile and upload to the processor