Crestron Tutorial: Button Digital Press Join Properties For A Crestron Touch Panel

The method Crestron uses to connect the Crestron touch panel with the Crestron controller is called a DIGITAL PRESS JOIN. This is simply a unique number that is associated with a specific button. To assign a digital press join to a button, you go to the Button Properties window and select Digital Press Join from the drop down menu marked "Select Property to Modify". (see image below)

Crestron VTPro-e digital press join

A number pallet will open. Numbers that are already assigned will be blue. Since we have not yet assigned any joins, we can use what ever we want. I have used the number "1" for this tutorial. Click OK and you have assigned the button named "My Cool Button" with the digital press join number one.

Crestron VTPro-e digital press join

Congratulations! You have now created the most basic of touch screen layouts - was that fast or what?

All that is left is to compile and upload the code to the touch screen.

Compile and Upload code

Sellects which button state that you want to modify