Crestron Tutorial: Compile And Upload To The CP2E Processor

When you are ready, simply sellect "Convert/Compile" from the Project menu. You can upload as many times as you need. Just remember that if you are uploading a file that is already present on the processor, you will be over-writing the code that is already on the processor.

Crestron Simpl Windows compile and upload

Crestron Simpl Windows compile complete

You may get a Program Compilation box that will highlight any problems with your program.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you will soon see the Compile Complete window appear. It will contain a detailed report describing your compiles code. Select YES to close the window and start sending the compiled code to your touch panel. The image below shows the result for this tutorial project.

Crestron Simpl Windows send program

You are finished.

You should be able to see your button on your panel and when you press it, you should see the button image change and hear the panel beep.