Crestron Tutorial: Add A Touch Panel To A Crestron SIMPL Windows Control Program

Adding a Crestron touch panel is similar to adding a Crestron control processor to your Crestron program. In the Device Library on the left side pane, expand the Crestron Devices folder and then the Touchpanels folder. Open the Touchpanels (Cresnet) folder because the Crestron CP2E communicates through Crestnet. Scroll down and highlight the CT-1550 touch panel.

Crestron Devices Tree View

Drag and drop the CT-1550 touch panel (that you just highlighted) over "C2Net Device" rectangle located in the symbol of the CP2E in the upper right pane. The symbol for the CT-1550 touch panel should appear in the System Views pane. (see image below)

Drop Crestnet devices here

You have now completed the initial hardware setup for his tutorial. You have added your Crestron CP2E control processor and CT-1550 touch panel to your project. Next, we will take a look at your first sysmbol.

Device library

SIMPL Windows Symbols versus Signals