Crestron Tutorial: Add A Button To A Page On A Crestron Touch Panel

There are a couple of ways that you can draw a button on a Crestron touch panel using Vision Tools Pro-e. You can either select DRAW from the menu at the top of the page and then BUTTON. You can also use the tool bar button (see image below).

After you have done this you will be in button drawing mode. Simply click and drag the cursor over the page window where you would like the button to go. Don't worry, if the button is not the correct size or place the first time, you can use the resize handles to resize or reposition the button at will.

Crestron VTPro-e Add a button

To accesss the Button Properties, simply right-click with the cursor over the button and select "Properties". (See image below)

Crestron VTPro-e  button properties

The Button Properties window will appear.

Crestron VTPro-e  button properties

The Button properties window is where you go to do things like change a buttons appearance (color, shape, text etc.) Please note, all buttons have two states (the way that they look). There is an UP state (inactive) when they are just sitting on the panel undisturbed and there is a DOWN state (active) when they are pressed. Note the two radio buttons at the top of the Button Properties window. They determine which state you are currently working in (UP or DOWN). Be careful with this - it can lead to confusion.

There is a huge amount to know about the button properties window. So much that I am going to start in a new page so please move on to the next item to find out more...

Button Text Properties Window

Click here to change the button text Click here to use an image for the button Click here to change the button color and appearance