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How to program a Crestron control system for the first time programmer.
Crestron Programming Tutorial for Simpl Windows and VisionTools Pro-E (VtPro-E)

  Be fore warned: This is a "No Frills" tutorial. I have spared the time and expense of creating flashy graphics. What you will get instead are simple yet useful screen grabs from Crestron SIMPL Windows and Crestron Vision Tools Pro-e. When you have finished this tutorial, you will be able to create simple Crestron programs.

The purpose of this Crestron programming tutorial is to assist programmers who are new to Crestron SIMPL Windows programming and or Crestron VisionTools Pro-E (VtPro-E) programming to get started in their first Crestron SIMPL Windows or VisionTools Pro-E project. For this project, we will focus on setting up a specific controller (Crestron CP2E) with a specific touch screen (Crestron CT-1550). The Crestron programming techniques demonstrated in this document can be used with any Crestron control products.

Crestron Vision Tools Pro-e
Crestron SIMPL Windows
Vision Tools Pro-e
SIMPL Windows

After you have completed this Crestron programming tutorial, you will have learned how to:
1) Start a Crestron Vision Tools Pro-e touch screen project
2) Create a simple "my first button" Crestron project
3) Create pages within a Crestron Vision Tools Pro-e project
4) Modify Crestron touch panel page properties
5) Assign digital press joins to button
6) Change the text of a button
7) Upload your project to a Crestron touch screen
8) Start a Crestron SIMPL Windows project
9) Configure a Crestron CP2E controller
10) Create a simple Crestron control program
11) Upload Crestron control code into a Crestron CP2E controller.
12) Test and troubleshoot Crestron programs using Crestron Viewport and Crestron Test Manager

This Crestron programming tutorial is written in an e-book format so all you need to do is to keep clicking the "Next item" link at the bottom of each page. This will take you to the next page in the Crestron programming tutorial. Use your browser's "Forward" and "Back" keys to move through this Crestron programming tutorial. The menu on the left is also presented (top down) in first to last page order - so you could just click one after the other...

This Crestron programming tutorial is not intended to replace official Crestron programming classes. I highly recommend that you investigate taking authorised Crestron programming training now offered through CTI. Just visit the Crestron Online Training section of the Crestron website.

Note: Roll your mouse over certain images to see additional or contextual information about the image. (on selected images)

What you will need

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 Graphic design for touch panels tutorial


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I highly recommend that you develope and maintain a good relationship with your local Crestron dealers and CAIP developers.

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